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Friday, 15 August 2014

Failure or Liberty

Failure is a construct of the mind.  How do you feel about that? 

No...I did not say think about it....I said FEEL!

Most of you would have gone into your head to consider and think about the statement to agree or disagree. It is the modern human response to think rather feel the truth in your heart..

So what am I about?  Bare with me a little in my ramblings...

Recently I have been on my own little journey of experiencing life.   You could say that I have been taking a little holiday from being an active Medium as I have been thrust into the full physical human experience, body, spirit and soul. It has been a challenging time. I can only compare it to being chucked into freezing cold water and where all you can deal with is just coping with the shock and chill that is going on in that single moment.

In all of that it had seemed to me that Spirit had gone on vacation themselves and whilst I had never truly believed that they had gone away, they had been noticeably a little bit on the quite side from the constant channelling of information I am used to.  Sunseeker holiday spots in the Spirit world or not,  I realised though when I look back, that they had been knocking on my door every now and again to check in where I was at, often with a great big sledge hammer.  Me in my blissful ignorance hadnt been listening.   I was living too much human and, during that time, tuned myself out of the spirtworld.

So with recognition that I haven't been firing on all cylinders, over the past year I have occasionally grabbed at my wonky psychic tuner with renewed vigor, and would every now and again land on Spirit Radio One. Whilst receiving loud and clear the odd bit of information in still pictures and symbols, it was with the consistency of a dripping tap. Previously I had enjoyed receiving Spirit in a what would be a tricolour movie download supported by surround sound and smellivision. Now I had been relegated to what seemed like a version of charads and pictionary rolled into one.  Feeling somewhat lost like a ship without its navigation, I panicked.  Something had punched my psychic headlights out.

The human mind has its own special way of working - it is an amazing computer that's prime objective is to keep you alive and safe however irrational it may be. Therefore, when you suddenly believe you are lost....then this is a direct instruction to your sub conscious that gives it the licence to panic- and your computer kicks in to "safe mode" and every single thought after that becomes about survival through that moment.

Unfortunately my moment was two years long.

So what has this all got to do about failure and mediumship?

As mediums we rely so much on our senses – it is the natural side of us that has allowed us to go though life intuitively and sailing on the sea of life with some comfort and confidence that we don’t always appreciated how much we are supported by the spirit world in those times of challenge.   When many of us are truly spiritually awakened, it is like being plugged into consciousness energy and so what we once did automatically can suddenly become a bumpy ride.  

Why? As instead of still feeling our way, we have started thinking our way conciously due to our heightened awareness.  Developing as a medium is a human experience as well as a spiritual experience, it is the two worlds blending together  - the light unconditional love of spirit with the heavy physical reality and challenge of human existence.   As we touch base with our souls true home when we connect with spirit, nostalgia, homesick and sadness can envelope us as the feeling of what so much the human world is devoid of, love, acceptance, approval, safety makes many spiritual workers just want to exist in the energy of spirit.  

I know some of my good friends in the business may challenge me on this concept but many spiritual workers believe their sole purpose for living is to heal and/or pass on the message of spirit to those on the earth plane.  Why when spirit can quite happily work without us..and do? They are the superior beings and do not work to our limitations. We are the ones confined to our physical bodies. Why do all spiritual workers seem to have to work through human challengings if their only purpose is to be messenger for spirit? 

Even the best mediums have their view - but a point to consider is that the human ego works in many ways to justify our human existence and to reassure our reasons for living - and us spiritual workers are no different. We think therefore we are. Our thoughts leading our existence through our whole human experience.  This includes straightforward human fears but also an added spiritual worker one, the fear of losing our connection to spirit.

As a Newby in our development circles..we can all remember our doubts and our wonky messages.  Our fear that we may get it wrong..and that Spirit would leave us as not worthy of them working with us. As we grow as spiritual workers we learn and know that Spirit do not leave us. They are always there with love.  As we become more certain of our connection to spirit we can often forget to embrace the experience of living. We can so allow ourselves to be totally living with spirit that we find it too hard to live in the physical.  How often do we wonder at our challenges, and our momentary lapse of reason, as we struggle with human kind?  We are appalled at what the human race are doing to itself, the wars, cruety, the lack of kindness and love.   Often our medium minds prefer not to be part of this.  The human ego in us steps up to have a field day...but often spirit workers struggle to connect it to being part of human life as if our connection to the spirit world exempts us.

We are just as human as the next human, and our thoughts undermine us as spirit workers just as much as anyone who isnt working with Spirit.   Just think if we can let go of those occasional moments of fear of failure when we are up there working for Spirit and being totally pure channels.

So, here I am - lost in my ego, struggling with all sorts of fear when someone suggests the following to me....

What about the possibility that we entered this life to experience life, to develop our knowledge through the physical experience. Every human making the agreement before they stepped into the birth stream to enter into a individual designed experience of birth..living and death?   This birth, this life, and our future dying experience is our ownly purpose as to why we are here, and all we need to embrace and engage with.

Is it possible that, us Spirit Workers have just chosen the experience to be only partially emersed in the human experience and retain our connection to spirit to enhance this life experience?

So taking that thought further...

So if our purpose here is to only experience being born, life, and our dying where would you fail?  To experience life in any way is experiencing life.  So many people use the word “trying” – I am trying to do this, I am trying to do that, when their mind is tied up in the destination of their journey and in the fear of failure and not being successful at what they do.

How about believing that you are successful in all that you do, whatever it is? 

When we live in our head, allow our thoughts to dictate how we are, how we exist, the boundaries that it creates to keep our selves surviving the physical moment.   Fear stops us and restricts us because we believe our purpose is to follow a specific course of action.   When that course of action doesnt follow the route we think it should have, we then make a judgement on what we are experiencing, often labeling it wrong.

It is all a construct of the human mind controlling us, managing our experience to keep us safe in the experience.  You then, however, live every potential experience through your mind, and then tuneout of "feeling" your existence.

I am sure you can go back in your mind to a moment in the past where you still carry the emotional scars and still, when you go into a similar situation, you are reminded of the past experience, and can feel a heaviness in your heart challenging you about the situation. Your body acts as barometer telling you how you physically feel, specifically the heart. Tightness..constriction, pain anywhere or the subtle heavy feeling in your heart are all tell tale signs of your body telling you there is an emotion being held in your body and it is having an effect on your body..and subsequently your life experience.

Did you know you didn’t need to carry it around with you? Did you know that emotion is energy in motion and that it's nature is to move and not stand still?

Every emotion held is a mini volcano waiting to burst. Tears, or its softer parents sadness, anguish, like laughter is not meant to be held in. Why can we allow laughter to bubble so freely where our pain we hold on as if it is a treasured possession?

It is only because that for our spirit/soul selves joy is our natural state of being. So we allow the lightness of joy and positive feelings  to move naturally, where negative feelings are so uncomfortable that if we allow it to exist we feel it will grow into some horrible monster child that we cannot control.  The truth is, like every child which is screaming for attention, it is only needing to be acknowledged. 

Failure is a construct made in our modern society where our senses are battered with confusing and conflicting information, where wrong or right is the measurements of blame.  The universal law of polarity exists in all that we do and where the positive element exists so does the negative in equal measure,  there is no up without down or top with out bottom. It is always a matter of perspective.

So imagine it for a moment. I am calmly trying to tell myself all is well with my mediumship and shoving my anxiety down into my chest as if cramming a suitcase full of clothes to bursting point and attempting to squeeze it tightly shut. Meanwhile my sub concious is running around like Corporal Jones from Dad's Army yelling "don't panic, dont panic". The swelling fear inside me grabbs my heart as mind babble of every possible consequence runs a muck in my mind defining my next experience.

So what's this to do with being a medium?

Despite all of our connectivness, spiritual awareness and knowledge, we are living our human experience first. We may have chosen to do it as facilitators for spirit but we are not exempt from the human living experience itself. So even through the experience of mediumship and being a Spirit Worker we are going to get locked into our thoughts of failure, or believing we are here to get to a destination.

There is nothing wrong in being a dedicated medium.. Indeed the new spiritual revolution is being greeted by our spirit family's with excitement as the earth and spirit realms are drawing closer. More contact and connections are going to be able to allow the human race to evolve further to create a more connected experience. However many mediums see that their lives is only one of service..their experience being outside of them. 

I am recently reminded of the young man Stephen Sutton, who inspired the world with his battle with cancer and aged 19 passed to the spirit world. Before he left this life he didn't allow his illness to dictate to him and stop him embracing his full life experience. Indeed armed with a bucket list he set about grabbing life and packed his life with things he wanted to do, inspiring many along the way.  He lived life to the full in a short time which many do not engage in. Perhaps it was because he had nothing more to loose, nothing to risk and all to gain, and all he had left was to make the rest of his life experience as good as he could make it.

What if really it can be like that for everyone? That if we stop looking at the destination, the results, tomorrow, achievement, perfection, outcome, or fear of our last breath?

How about success is embracing every experience with acceptance and joy with the knowledge that it is as it is. Allow our heart to be the barometer to choose rather than our mind managed by our subconscious surrounded by all the fears of human living.

Failure is a human invention created from the judgment of right or wrong. If no experience, negative or positive, that you have walked into is wrong as it is just as it is in that moment. Why would you have failed?   You are in that experience because you are supposed to be - not as any wrong doing but the direction you choose to go. It is just like driving into a deadend..you may have not seen or ignored the sign telling you where you were going. You are there and the next step is to drive out to the next step of your journey if you decide it's not where you prefer to be. It doesn't change that you experienced steps of driving or seeing places you hadn't planned to go through. 

What we might choose to experience at a soul level indeed is a challenging thought to any human mind, but again it is a matter of perspective - our's is limited by the veil of not knowing or being able to see the big picture we may appreciate back home in Spirit.  

As Spirit Workers we believe we are infinite beings - and our lives, however long, is a drop in the ocean of the divine source, lived through the potential of many lives or multi dimensional experiences. Science has started to agree with much of our spiritual concepts through further exploration of quantum physics and that our universe operates to natural laws: Vibration, Relativity, Cause and Effect, Polarity, Rhythm, Gestation and Transmutation....some would argue that there are upto 12 that operates.  Much of our human brothers and sisters are not aware of any science in any form, just that they live and are only aware of their human experience. Those of a spiritual nature know that we are spirit living a human experience.

So instead of concentrating on trying to be successful. Congratulate yourself on being successful. How about the thought of just choosing the experience that you wish to be successful in, and letting go of all those past emotions where you feel that you failed or took a wrong turn?

So consider for a moment...the feeling of liberation that your heart feels about never being a failure in anything, and carrying on being the successful person that you already are.

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