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Sunday, 25 March 2012

What Are You Thinking?

It’s a bit of a question isn’t it? Everyone has their personal thoughts, their personal truth.  Truth is always how you look at it, and you can buy into everyone story if you resonate with it enough.  Any of you who have read my blog before know that I am a strong believer in intuition and believer of finding out what is your own personal truth.

My bookshelves are full of other peoples truth, full of explanations about spirit, mediumship, life regression, the law of attraction, positive thinking – you name it – I can find a book on it somewhere.  I have read information on spirituality forums, websites, watched videos channelled from enlightened beings and mr nobody on You-Tube.

Some of which I have not truly experienced but I can tell you about it – as to have a informed opinion is important in decision making – but you can get lost in knowledge too.  It can be as overwhelming as a box of frogs and it does feel that you are sometimes part of some big political drive with God advertising his policies through a variety of representatives, whether it is spirit, a book, or a friend who has suddenly become passionate about a new way of healing or mediumship technique.

Every now and again we all get a little lost on our spiritual journey until we 
gather all we know and put it away in the box for a while and just start relying on our intuition to take ourselves forward again.  You can have all the knowledge in the world and still be non the wiser.

If you personally are inspired, then it doesn’t really matter, as well as knowledge, attunement to higher vibrations comes through many tools, crystals, spiritual healing, reiki healing, channelling, painting, music, writing, dancing, meditation – the list goes on.  They are all methods of where you open your awareness up to something more than just your own vibration and something wonderfully creative happens.

But back to the question though “What are you thinking?"   We have all heard the term what you put out is what you get back as well as ask the universe for what you want and that it will be granted – so when you put out asking the universe for a sex god, he arrived.  Not quite? You opened your front door to find a relative of the frog prince saying he was your Mr Right and wearing a faded t-shirt with “Sex God” emblazoned across it?  Cosmic ordering is a tricky process.

Recently I was ambling around facebook and stumbled upon a guy on You-Tube who explored the theories of 2012 and was trying to dispel some of the wilder notions.   He spent time on a range of discussions spanning several videos, discussing proof of what was going to happen, or not, on 21st December 2012. This included the Mayan calendar and potential incorrect calculations, the Illuminatii who apparently rule our world, establishment conspiracy theories and about great seers of our time who had predicted world’s events in the past.  It went into great detail about what these Seers had predicted for our future and the potential end of the world, starting with the big bang and ending in a similar big bang.  It also discussed the change in spiritual awareness and ascendency to something different, aliens landing and a few other concepts.   What was good about it – was it tried to be balanced and was one of the best I had come across in the vast array of people trying to convince me that I was dammed if I did and dammed if I did not.

Everything he said made sense initially. I thought I had found a balanced answer to what might happen.  Excited, I was about to post the good news all over facebook to my spiritual friends, as I knew they too would feel better about this video...but then something else occurred to me and stopped me in my tracks.

What is my intention behind all of this?

As a medium myself, I have learnt to trust in my spirit guides and spirit family resulting from  a foundation built on personal responsibility and developing my awareness of myself.  When you talk about energy, spirit and why we are here and the majority of Spiritual belief – it is about us and our spiritual growth.  It talks about personal responsibility and when we heal, we need to heal ourselves first.  Spiritualism talks about the highest vibration of all - god’s unconditional love…which all starts within us.

Now just in case you don’t have the foggiest what I am talking about – bare with me while I explain.

Energy is what the universe is all about...it is also known as universal life force – a force which is intangible, but when you know it’s there, you can sense it, feel it and sometimes learn to see it.    When you start to appreciate things more at an energy level, you are able to appreciate how to direct it to help yourself and your spiritual journey.

It is not a case of good energy or bad energy….energy is just energy ,  but knowing it is capable of being manipulated and directed into something more than it started out and that it creates and becomes everything that is in our world is what gives you the key.    

Where it comes from is not the point, but it is important to just recognise it exists.  It vibrates and moves at a speed which is instantaneous and is defined as it is spun and although we may only physically see the finished product, whether it is something formed of matter like a chair, or a situation or a word – it started long before you saw it.  

Considered something which we all know and use in our everyday lives, electricity.  It is energy. You turn the light switch on and instantaneously the light comes on at the light bulb.  The energy has been allowed to flow from one given point – to provide an output of light at another point through the electricity being manipulated by the light bulb.

But if you take it deeper – the flow of electricity only came through your “intention” to switch the switch on, and deeper still, that source of electricity came further beyond the actual light switch.  That switch was just another point holding and blocking the electricity from moving to the light bulb.

As we walk through life we come through many challenges and often what we think colours our point of view.  Being negative or positive can change our perception of what we think of the situation and indeed can affect our choices as we go though our life experiences. When you start to consider energy as energy – what you put in to your world, you start to recognise that if you have a negative view point, often what is created are tainted with the view point and the flow of the energy is bending and being manipulated by that negative view point.  It ends up with the opposite of what you thought you want.
When we try to consider ourselves as spiritual beings living a physical life – a way to consider it further is that our physical life is the light switch to the light bulb, and our spiritual life is that before the light switch and the subtler energy transmuted into light when light bulb is on.

Now when you see that the life force energy flows and it comes from an original source and everything in creation comes from that original source – you then start to appreciate the concept that we all come from the same light source, like our electricity supply, it has been directed towards many light switches with light bulbs – us, the universe.  We are one and the same energy.

The point of this is not for you to blow a fuse at the thought of concepts beyond your thinking pattern, but to just help you to become more aware of how energy works.

So you now appreciate that there is energy, and that you are part of that energy…..but how about you recognising that you are the light bulb, and your thoughts are light switches which direct energy to you as a person?

What you think….is what you are.   If you think you are a fat person, you will feel that you are a fat person but it doesn’t just stop there.  Our subconscious absorbs many things we don’t realise it is absorbing – knowledge about our environment, how it should operate in those environments and works accordingly.  And hey presto, before you know it you are saying you don’t fit into certain places or clothes because you are a fat person  - all because you thought you were a fat person in the first place.  It doesn’t just stop there…but you get the idea.

Recently I worked with some 15 year old students who had been having a challenging time in their lives.  My thoughts came round to how I would try to get over to them the choices they could make, and the world they could manifest for themselves.  It came about in my preparation of the workshop that I realised that “intention” is something that you have to be very conscious about – as it is part of the energy that you create for yourselves as you think it.  Understanding what you are intending when you are acting out moments in your life, helps you to manifest what you truly want.  If you are not setting your intention early enough in the thought process how are you going to obtain the results you want?

If we have managed to acquire negative thinking patterns, often it comes from a place of fear and we adjust our way of how we are to keep ourselves safe in going forward in our lives.  So if we are tall and have a fear of bumping our head we walk around keeping our head down ducking and avoiding pain.  It is normal, it is how we protect ourselves.   But thinking about it, would it truly be your intention to go around stooped all your life in order to avoid bumping your head? Or could it be that if you were intentionally a little more focused on looking when you went that you could still walk straight in your world and successfully negotiate the obstacles without having to walk stooped? 

Having a small awareness of yourself and why is what makes the difference, being aware of where and when you make your choices, and where your interaction with energy truly begins.

A good start is to think positively, as it means that the moment you create you have a chance of the energy going the right way.  But is the intuitive thought just enough? Some times, you need to define it a little more, and put a little bit more purpose behind it. But like with the 15 year old students, it is about starting with the right intention in the first place – for them in the workshop it was giving to them a piece of play dough and allowing them to do what they “will” with it.  Some created shapes, some were more inventive, and some didn’t do anything.   If you don’t do anything, how is the energy going to change? – the energy in this case is them deliberately manipulating the play dough and changing it from the ball it was – it couldn’t do it without their physical or mental involvement, some concept of what they were trying to create.  It is the same for anyone.

So why am I talking about intention? 

Well we are back to the universal life force again.  We are energy.  What we think is energy.  What we think is what we create for ourselves.  What are you putting out into the world? 

We are not just talking about thoughts about yourself but about the world around you.    If we are truly manifesting our future by our thoughts what are we creating for our children, or the world around us?   What is our intention when we listen to all the negative things around us, people complaining, and the bad news on TV?  Listening to many who are not aware of their thoughts, or their intention, or what they are manifesting for themselves? What are we intending when we worry about the unknown, the things which we fear, the terrorist attacks, and the world being a dangerous place to live.  What’s your thought about 21st December 2012?

It is great if we are seeing it at a positive thing but what are we doing if are personally contributing to and creating and adding to the thought that it’s going to be a negative thing?  In the bible it says that God the creator is in all of us.

So what is your intention - what are YOU personally creating for yourself for YOU?

It’s a big thought hey.

A small thought to add…

Life is a complex tune played by a huge orchestra with many sub-melodies being part of the overall tune.  We are all part of that orchestra playing our own single melody which adds to that tune.  Our ability to hear the whole tune can get lost in us as we are only able to concentrate on one particular melody at one time and we can get distracted and associate with one part of that tune which can erode our own playing of our own specific melody.  The more we are open to listen, the more we hear,  the more we can become aware of the other melodies playing in the background and can vibrate with them separately knowing that the other melodies exist alongside our melody and that we are only part of the overall tune of life which is far more and bigger than we can fully hear or feel.

If you concentrate on the melody within yourself being true –something that you can feel – surely you can’t go wrong as it adds to the magnificence of the overall tune?  If you have the intention set right - one of positive love, surely that resonates with the world, the universe, with spirit, the divine and ultimately the creation of what you are thinking?

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