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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Inspiration - tapping into the universe

How do you feel when you are inspired...to write, to draw, to sings, to create?
Did you know  you were tapping into the universal energy?
Since the days I learnt that I could put pen to paper I have always written.  Poetry, short story's, articles...even my own version of mills and boon.  My eleven year old version of a steamy romance, which was possibly the biblical version of fifty shades of grey, still kept school mates gasping for the next edition. Although it was immaturely and naively written, it captured me and my friends. I would hungrily sit for hours writing in a school exercise book, churning chapter after chapter out - without a typewriter or a computer in sight, and no hope of a publisher. but my audience loved it.    For me it was a way of expressing myself and putting my thoughts in order, and had started mainly for my own enjoyment.   At that point I was writing because it tumbled out of me spurred on by emotional responses to the world around me. I didn't know that i was slowly tapping into something bigger than me.
I look back at my earlier writing and see my childhood and my teenager angst... the woes and the joys, and see the glimpses of the person I was becoming, and growing to be. Although I did not put words to my spiritual awareness at that time, the inate awareness of being connected to some thing larger than myself was huge and quietly sat as a back bone in practically everything I wrote.  Now I see so much more and the skills I was honing.
So why talk about inspiration now?  Those who are connected to my Facebook are used to my weird statuses, the moments when I suddenly  have the urge for words to fall out of my head and I put up something reflective and, to some, diatribe about life. Some of my Facebook friends may have hidden my statuses because suddenly I am sprouting weird stuff, others though put messages of resonation, and in that moment i know that i have done the job I was supposed to do, even if I look at my status myself and think bloody hell what are you on girl!
It is inspiration. But when you feel that energy and allow that energy to flow, something happens deep inside you, and you then open up to the same energy that created this world...and if you think it in a wider context, the universe...and the divine energy of creation.
Yep god was clearly having an inspirational moment when he created me, let alone the world, and the universe!
The beauty about inspiration is that you don't need to put a religion on it or connect it to him upstairs, God, Allah, or any of his other personalities.  You only have to accept that it's there and that you can do wonderful things with it.  When we create we are connecting to something which communicates back at us, feeds our soul, rewards us with something physically we can see, and bring to life.  We are all mini gods and by using this energy we create our world and our universe.
But okay, according to my Talent Dynamics profile I am a creator, and have dynamo energy, and have my head in the clouds, and inspiration is natural to me. But that is a natural choice for me, but everyone can be inspired, but in their own way.
The other day I was attending a meeting, and as a medium who is now used to opening and connecting to the energy around me. I was listening to a medium give a message and then  suddenly words started jumping in my head that surprised me as it was such a different format than I was used to. As they spun round like a miniature sand storm in my head, I had to immediately write them the moment the meeting ended. My dear friend waiting patiently as I urgently and frantically wrote in his car on my phone, and straight on to Facebook..
"...And the child flew merrily with out fear cross the sky. The adult watched in awe and wonder and said I wish I could do that.The child stopped surprised, but you taught me, did you forget how to fly? The adult remembered for a moment. I grew up, and stopped living intuitively where conformity became my cage. My wings got weighed down by the sadness of not flying. The child said, follow me as I can fly! ... "
When I eventually read what I wrote, I thought crikey who have i tapped into...Peter Pan? Tinkerbell?  Wendy.  The comments I got clearly stirred something within the readers. Whilst I thought it an unusual status. some thought it beautiful.
As my husband would say, you've been busy haven't you...but for me I am used to it, know that something more is at work and that I write now just for more just me. Even though I still feel like Alice in wonderland when I eventually see what I have written, I know, especially now after the above, that I only just have to connect and something amazing will happen.
I am sure everyone has their thoughts to what is occurring, but it does not matter what I am connecting to whether it is my head, my higherself, my ego, a guide,  wordsworth,  Tinkerbell, universal energy,  or even god. Along as it is good, as long as I have the good honest intention when I allow myself to become inspired, something amazing may happen. I now recognise that energy and allow it to happen, without fear, I open myself up to the inspiration whether it is triggered by a beautiful sunset, a piece of music, a person, a story or a feeling...and allows  the answer from the universe to flow.
I am not special, or particularly gifted.  Inspiration is something we all have...all capable of allowing for ourselves.
As in the words written above, and as I did too as a child,  children are inspired so naturally where many adults forget, but still encourage their children to be inspired. So looks to your children, look to you as a child. What inspires you?
So come and join me in the clouds...
Allow yourself to fly and connect to the energy of the universe.

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