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Thursday, 8 September 2011

And the answer is....

So you have watched Colin Fry on the tenth re-run of the programme “Sixth Sense”, caught up with John Edwards “Crossing Over” at lunch time and you have now received your application form to be Tony Stockwell’s next apprentice on “Psychic Academy”. All in the preparation of launching yourself on the unsuspecting world with your new found ability to predict the future and talk to the dead.

But before you rush off to post your application, is it really that easy to become the next top medium?

For some, maybe, but for most it is years of self-development, self-healing and single minded dedication, with a few ego trips thrown in.  The biggest issue is knowing where to start and to sort through the minefield of information given to you by your new found spiritual friends.

Unless you have grown up in Spiritualism, most peoples journey starts with a thousand unanswered questions and a stumble towards a tarot reading with Mystic Peg who dramatically confirms to you that you have psychic powers.   Sometimes it is through a Clairvoyance Evening at the local sport centre or pub and for others it was by braving the doors of the local spiritualist church with hope and doubt held tightly in both hands. Either way Spirit has announced that you are one of them and you have been left feeling like Quasimodo and the Tooth Fairy rolled into one.   The answers, however,   that you hoped to find from the tea leaves at the bottom of a tea cup or at a medium demonstration may still leave you somewhat bewildered and wondering if you have joined the Mad Hatter’s tea party.

The revelation that all the things you know when you shouldn’t know, the weird voices no one else hears and the odd people you see are not a figment of your wild imagination or you buying a timeshare in the local mental home can be welcomed with masked relief laced with wonderment.  Unless you have a profound spiritual most initially put psychic ability in the level of having magic powers or at the foot of God or the Devil, whichever comes first. 

The background drop of Christianity still sits heavily upon the social conscious of the western world, and whilst the acceptance of multi religion is still in toddler training pants, the fear of anything potentially supernatural, or unnatural, is not. Most might think that the days of witch hunts are gone, but those stuck in the world of religious dogma would rapidly agree to get their crusade swords out if God, and human rights, would only sanction them to do it.  Where fear is involved, change is like the hidden track on an album, not in the title list but eventually played.

But times are changing. Pockets of people are starting to virally spread all over the UK bringing the questions of Who, How, What and Why to people’s personal lives.  TV and radio programmes now have “your daily talk with spirit” slots etched in their schedules in not wanting to miss out on the new hot religious trend.  Psychic development workshops and medium demonstrations are starting to infiltrate every town as people open their awareness to Spirit and blink their third eye.  Spiritualism is like the new kid on the block, everyone has noticed him and trying to work out if he is going to fit into the gang, with some embracing him like a long lost friend and others suspiciously watching this new “weird” kid from behind the corner.

So you want to develop your psychic ability and to learn all about how to be a medium – but it feels like someone is playing the three cup game, and you are struggling to work out where the ball is?

Don’t get taken in by the hype.  It is good that Spiritualism is evolving in this dawning Age of Aquarius, but note with popularity, also breeds those keen to part us from our money; those keen to become leaders in this new revolution with them replacing “God” with new buzz words like “Great Spirit”, “The Divine” and “The Source”, all confirming that we have a place in Spirit, and that with them we will find the quickest way to enlightenment. Get your purses ready!

God does have a new PR company, but they are still governed by those human traits of greed and control.

Firstly, let’s get a few misconceptions out of the way.  Yes, you do have a place in Spirit, as we are Spirit in a physical body, and when we die, our spirit body continues into the Spirit World.  God may not be an individual but there is a consciousness, an energy, which most would identify as Christianities “God”, and many in the movement still call this source “God”.  It is a label which us human’s have given because we insist on labels to identify our physical world.  Yes, there is a path to enlightenment, but it is not quick, and no one but you will help you get there any quicker. 

But hey, don’t count on me for evidence, this is my belief, and you are going to have to find your own.  Belief is personal and I highly recommend that you listen and hear what everyone else has to say – and gather the common known stuff and then read in between the lines.  Yes, I am writing the gospel according to me, Jan Godfrey, but you will find many views out there, but when you learn about Spirit, it is important to understand it.

Recently I came back from The Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Studies after a week on a Mediumship Course organised by Tony Stockwell, one of the many but more well know mediums, who organises courses there.  The Arthur Findlay College is a wonderful place for learning as well as a lovely place to stay. It is managed by the Spiritualist National Union, and yes they do have their way of thinking, but one thing which came out of it for me strongly was a message that was given by one of my Husband’s tutors issuing a mantra to her students every now and again.  “Keep working with Spirit simple”.

It is true that if those at Arthur Findlay have a variety of  Witches, Druids, Earth Angels and Folk of the Fey, as well as average human Fred and Marg attending their courses, the rooms during demonstration may be a little full of communicators.  Consider it for a moment, Archangel Michael and Uriel and several other Angels from the dominions queuing with Quarter Guardians, and the Great Indian Guide, Purple Cloud, hob-nobbing it with dotty Aunt Mildred and Uncle George to get their message across. This is totally besides a few Ascended Masters and other high guides being channelled in Trance class. God may even make an entrance himself!  Interesting. but potentially very confusing for anyone trying to learn the controls for their new toy mediumship.

The message keep it simple is a good one though.  When you are learning to work with Spirit you don’t need to dress it up or bring your full personal belief of the magical or angelic world into it.  All you need to do is believe in what you are doing and the evidence you are obtaining for yourself when you are working with Spirit. The lovely thing is when Spirit comes through they give you evidence about their physical lives to you, and this evidence becomes beautifully confirmed as true by the person you are giving the message to.  If they can’t confirm it – then there is something not quite right and it is normally the “medium”.

I can hear you magical people out there shouting “but what about honouring the other spirits?”  In truth most people are looking to understand that their existence is not limited to this world, but continues for eternity.  Most struggle with that in the first place, and to bring them too much into someone else’s reality by channelling a label they do not recognise or understand will undermine the true message you are trying to give.  It will be like you channelling Mickey Mouse when they decided that they grew out of Disney when they were a child.

That is not to say that the Mystical and angel lore does not have their place.  You will look at other knowledge – I did.  Shamanic Journeying, Animal guides, Angel workshops, Druidic and Wiccan paths, Buddhist, Fairy and Elemental lore; they are full topics in themselves and deserve an understanding.

The point is that everyone has their own reality, but the human trait of over complicating things in their aim to reach perfection is often misplaced.  We go through experiences in our life both good and bad and it is not in the aim to be perfect, but to grow spiritually and to be the best we can be.  Often when we try to be perfect it is because we have allowed someone to set our ruler at an unfair level and we feel that we fail if we do not achieve it. This often results in treating ourselves, and others, harshly when it seems beyond us.  The human need to control others in order to control our own world can be found in every battle and every religious book telling us how we should be.  Someone else is always to blame for our own perceived failures with God and the Devil having a starring role in having a bad day on the publicity front and named as scapegoat.

So if you are looking for the Devil, just look at yourself in a mirror and imagine horns and fire around you and by all means give yourself a roasting for your lack of perfection.  You can create your personal hell, as that is what man is good at and does every day to himself just by over complicating life. Everything you emotionally feel is created by you, and if you see Judgement day coming, it is you who is the judge, the jury and the hangman.  God aka the Great Spirit and your Spirit family are partying in the blissful knowledge that one day you will have a home coming celebration where the big picture and your true reality will be lovingly understood. Meanwhile you are not enjoying your experience.

So when you get passed the rumour that you are doing the devils work, and the worlds view of the amazing powers you possess and how you are going to work with all these wonderful people who are now at your beck and call.  Start cutting the story away from the facts, look for your truth and understand when everyone is lost in their own story.

As everything in your life, whether you walk through good or bad experiences, recognise that everything in life is as it should be for you to grow spiritually & be the best you can be. You do not need to fix it, make it better, or be perfect.  You only just have to live in the moment and just trust in Spirit. Just learn from the lessons of life as they come.  You only have to be open to the opportunities and it is the same with developing your psychic abilities and working with Spirit, you do not need to reinvent the wheel, just allow the wheel you have to naturally go round.
As Aleksandr Orlov of Market fame wisely says the answer is “Simples”.

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